Rubybot is a flexible, modular IRC Bot written in pure Ruby. By ‘pure’ Ruby, I mean that the bot requires no gems, no external 3rd party build tools or C modules to the language. Just install Ruby, download the bot, and you are good to go, on any platform. You can find it here.


Hypercube is a custom Classicube software written in C#. I wrote it from the ground up, however it isn’t exactly complete. There seems to be more interest in minigame servers, and support for Classicube is waning, so development will be slow unless popularity raises. You can find it here.


D3 is a highly flexible Minecraft Classic / Classicube software, originally written by Dadido3 (Hence the name). After the rise of Classicube, I took over primary development to fix a few issues and introduce more features into the software. The program is written in Purebasic and has been tested on Windows (x86/x64) and Modern Linux (x86/x64). You can find it here.

Managed Sockets

Managed Sockets is a simple event-driven C# Server/Client TCP Socket library. I wrote it because existing socket implementations were needlessly complex, or lacked simple async usage. It is based loosely off of the old Winsock Orcas project. You can find it here.

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