Truecraft, Classicube

Bit of advertisement here, I know, sad. However, I wanted to talk about two projects that have my interest.

The first is ClassiCube, a revival of Minecraft Classic, the original that started the huge Minecraft craze. The newly revived version has all the awesome custom softwares from the past (Like D3, which I maintain, and I may be biased, but by far in my opinion the best one to choose. Just saying.) as the original, but now they support more blocks and awesome features! The userbase is really small right now, so go check it out and enjoy the original Minecraft.

The second is Truecraft, a revival of an older version of modern Minecraft. The project was started by Sircmpwn, as he saw Minecraft drifting away from its original form, and wanted to bring it back to what it once was. “A simple sandbox where you can build and explore and fight with your friends”. its currently in active development by several different developers, has its own client and server, and is being worked on a lot every day.

I may even have something secretly in the works for it, we’ll see how it goes ;).


Anyways, go check them out!

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